Undergraduate research with Quantum Racing consists of two parts.

First is the day to day involvement of the team in the workings of our kart. While the team is turning a wrench or looking at data from a hot lap, they are constantly using their physics and problem solving skills. What gear ratio should be run for this track? How can the kart setup be changed to make it turn better? Why does the kart feel like it is pushing? These are the types of questions that the team encounters on a regular basis. Figuring the problems out gives the team invaluable experience problem solving in an experimental environment.

The second part is the individual projects that team members or physics majors undertake as part of their undergraduate coursework. These projects typically are more specific in nature and require more advanced physics to gain an even deeper understanding of the physics involved.

Fall 2006

"Thermodynamics and Flexure of Beams as applied to a Racing Kart" (pdf)

Spring 2007

"Chassis Flexure and the Performance of a Racing Kart" (in progress)