PHYS 6810 - Seminar, Spring semester 2021 (updating weekly)

Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar title
14-Jan Organizational
21-Jan Adam BGSU, Center for Photochemical Sciences, Ph.D. candidate Charge Transfer Dynamics in Lead (II) Sulfide Colloidal Nanosheets
28-Jan Irina BGSU, Physics M.S. candidate Mapping the Early Galaxy: RR Lyrae Spectroscopy
4-Feb Chuanwei Zhang UT Dallas, Professor of physics, APS Fellow Quantum Technologies with Atoms and Solids
11-Feb Sabyasachi Goswami SISSA Trieste, Italy, Visiting Researcher On the Effects of Initial Mass Function on the Galactic Chemical Enrichment
18-Feb Wellness day
25-Feb Yiteng Tang BGSU, Center for Photochemical Sciences, Ph.D. candidate Colloidal 1D and 2D Lead Chalcogenide
4-Mar Ian BGSU, Physics, M.S. candidate Thermoluminescence and XRD of Fe and Ni Oxides
11-Mar Jason Slinker UT Dallas, Associate Professor of physics Bright and Stable Perovskite Electroluminescence by Differentiated Ion Motion
18-Mar Overman-award announcement; Jordan; Kassidy BGSU, Physics, M.S. candidates Numerical Simulation of Time Resolved Photoluminescence for Alumina/Cd (Se,Te) Double Heterostructures; Evolution of Protostellar Outflows
25-Mar Scott; Michael BGSU, Physics, M.S. candidates The Color Magnitude Diagrams of NGC 6553;Alpha Element Abundances in Distinct Halo Stellar Populations
1-Apr Justin; Martin BGSU, Physics, M.S. candidates Numerical Simulations of Thin-Film Solar Cells with Novel Architectures; Variable Stars in the Globular Cluster M 107
8-Apr Mihai Staic BGSU, Associate Professor of math A Generalization of the Determinant Map
15-Apr Bowman-award announcement; Matt; Bo BGSU, Physics, M.S. candidates
22-Apr Bill Huber First Solar, Technology Director

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