Observing Program with the BGSU 0.5-m Telescope

We have develoed an observational research program using the BGSU 0.5-meter Telescope and CCD Camera system. The aim is to involve student observers in astronomical research which will be published in refereed journals.

In May 1999, we received a new AP6e CCD camera from Apogee Instruments, Inc, a new; 8-position filter wheel from DFM Engineering, Inc; and a new Pentium II PC from Gateway. In June 1999, we completed lab testing and characterization of the new system, and began a research program with the help of undergraduate Nick Pearson and masters student Boncho Bonev. Since then, we have been acquiring differential photometry of relatively bright variable stars. Here is a description of the BGSU Variable Star Project and our goals, including information about our research group and our efforts on variable stars in globular clusters.

BGSU Observatory Manuals:

Other Information:

Here is the current observing schedule:












Ryan E.

Mike W.

Mike W.


Ryan E.

If you can not observe on your assigned night, please make arrangements with someone to cover for you. If you want to get some extra hours, feel free to pick up an open night.

Spring/Fall Stargaze sessions are held MTWR nights at 9:30pm and Sun at 10, lasting for 1-2 hours, every week of the term, with exceptions for holidays. Summer Stargaze sessions are held the first clear night of MTWR from 11-12pm (only one stargaze per week). Please give the stargaze staff complete control of the telescope when they ask. After that, ASTR 3090 students get next priority at the telescope, then LPV observers, then those observing for fun.

This work has been funded through grants from the National Science Foundation and from NASA

"Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation or of NASA."

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