Mikhail Zamkov Research

Zamkov home picOur research focuses on the electronic, chemical, and optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures (quantum dots) and hybrid nanoscale materials prepared by means of colloidal synthesis. Such nanoparticles can be chemically manipulated like large molecules and can be coupled to each other or can be incorporated into different types of inorganic or organic matrices.

Specifically, experimental work in our group addresses four major areas: (1) synthesis and characterization of novel nanoscale materials, (2) elucidation of their fundamental optoelectronic properties, (3) design and demonstration of functional nanoscale devices and integrated nanosystems, and (4) exploration of the interface/communication between biological systems and nanoscale devices.

This research by is highly interdisciplinary, involving concepts and techniques from biology, chemistry, physics, and the engineering sciences to achieve our goals.


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