Refereed Publications by Andy Layden

NB: Papers numbered in red are my more significant contributions to the field.

46) Caddy, R.V., Layden, A.C., Reichart, D.E., Haislip, J.B., Kouprianov, V.V., Ivarsen, K.M., Moore, J.P., LaCluyze, A.P., Linder, T.M. & Nysewander, M.C. 2022, PASP, 134, 094201, Optical Time-Series Photometry of the Symbiotic Nova V1835 Aquilae. 

-- Layden, A., Osborn, W., Pritzl, B.J., & Smith, H.A. 2020, RNAAS, 4, 2, Improved Observational Data for V54, A Recently Discovered RR Lyrae Star in M13 [Not peer-reviewed]. 

45) Zinn, R., Chen, X., Layden, A.C., & Casetti-Dinescu, D.I. 2020, MNRAS, 492, 2161-2176, Local RR Lyrae stars: native and alien. 

44) Fabrizio, M., Bono, G., Braga, V.F., ... , Layden, A., ... (24 authors), 2019, ApJ, 882, 169 On the use of field RR Lyrae as Galactic probes: I. The Oosterhoff dichotomy based on fundamental variables.

43) Layden, A., Tiede, G.P., Chaboyer, B., Bunner, C., & Smitka, M., 2019, AJ, 158, 105 (23pp), Infrared K-band Photometry of Field RR Lyrae Variable Stars. 

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41) Lahey, A., Dimick, D. & Layden, A. 2017, JAAVSO, 45, 202-208, Improving the Photometric Calibration of the Enigmatic Star KIC 8462852 

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1) Herbst, W. & Layden, A.C. 1987, AJ, 94, 150-157, H-alpha Photometry of Dwarf K and M Stars. 

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