Astronomy Animations and Activities

We have been developing astronomy animations to support our lectures and to imbed in on-line activities that students can do as homework. Please contact us if you have suggestions for new animations or activities!

Angles, Distances, and Physical Sizes

Remote Sensing Activity: Physics from a Rocket-Borne Video Camera

dot Tides and the Moon: Basic Model and Activity and Followup Ideas

Stellar Parallax and Distance

Telescopes, Seeing, and Image Quality

CCD Images: Combining Images, Flat Field Correction

Asteroid Movies made at BGSU (511 Davida, 704 Interamnia)

Reasons for the Seasons

Stars in the HR-Diagram: Stellar Temperatures and Stellar Brightness

Physics Videos and Activities

Andy's Favorite Education Links

By Andy Layden, Stephen van Hook, and John Laird -- Physics & Astronomy Dept at BGSU.