Research Sponsorship

PI; DOE-BES; DE-SC0016872; $427,335.00; Semiconductor nanoshell quantum dots for energy conversion applications
PI; NSF DMR SSMC. DMR-1710063; $350,788; Reaction limited synthesis of atomically-defined semiconductor nanocrystals
PI; DOE-BES; DE-SC0016872; $427,335.00; Solution-processed photovoltaic devices utilizing semiconductor excitonic nanoshells (SENS)
PI; NSF; CHE-1465052; $374,000; Energy funneling in plasmonic nanocrystal composites for photocatalytic production of solar fuels
PI; NSF; CBET-1510503; $358,550; UNS: Exploring the feasibility of plasmonic nanocrystal solar cells utilizing strongly confined radiation
PI; NSF; CBET-1236355;  $302,512;  Low-temperature assembly of all-inorganic solar cells from nanocrystal inks
PI; NSF Chem. Catalysis; CHE-1112227; $375,000; Development of nanocomposite inorganic materials for photocatalytic production of solar fuels 
co-PI; NIH ARRA; $203,820. Self-luminant Microarrays and Reader for Rapid Diagnostics. (PI: Pavel Anzenbacher, Chemistry)