The goal of the IRIX 6.5 release family is to provide a high quality and stable operating system for all SGI systems. Significant additional software has been packaged with IRIX 6.5, including some important system and network management and interoperability tools. For information about supported hardware and peripherals in IRIX 6.5.27, see the Minimum Requirements page.
These pages contain a list of key new features and changes for IRIX 6.5.27.
To see the list of key features and changes for the IRIX 6.5 and IRIX 6.5.1 through 6.5.26 releases, see the previous IRIX features page.
Look for information about the IRIX 6.5 release family on Supportfolio Online ( and
For details on any of these new features and changes, refer to the release notes.
Please be aware that some features listed here are only applicable for certain software bundles or hardware configurations.