Minimum Requirements and Supported Platforms

Memory and Disk Space Requirements

  • Memory. For all supported systems, the minimum memory requirement is 64MB.

  • Disk Space. A standard, default installation of IRIX 6.5 plus IRIX 6.5.27 occupies approximately 1.5 gigabytes (GB) of disk space.

    A 2GB or larger hard drive is recommended, although it is possible to limit your installations so that you can run 6.5 on less than 1GB, as shown in the example below.

    Example of a "Minimal IRIX" Upgrade
    What follows is an example of how you could install a very minimal IRIX 6.5.27 on less than 1GB--by substituting these installation commands for the installation selection part of the IRIX upgrade. This "minimal IRIX" example occupies about 500MB on an O2, and does not include any of the online books or man pages.
    Inst> keep *

    Inst> install required

    Inst> install default eoe 4Dwm desktop_base x_eoe desktop_eoe netscape

    Inst> keep *.books *.man

    Inst> install prereqs

Supported Platforms

You can upgrade from IRIX 5.3, or IRIX 6.2 through 6.5.24.

IRIX 6.5.27 supports the following SGI systems:

  • Origin® 2000 (now also includes the Cray Origin® 2000 systems)
  • SGI® Onyx®300
  • SGI® Onyx®350
  • SGI® Onyx®3000
  • SGI® Origin®200
  • SGI® Origin®300
  • SGI® Origin®350
  • SGI® Origin® 3000 server series
  • Silicon Graphics® FuelTM
  • Silicon Graphics® O2®
  • Silicon Graphics® O2+TM
  • Silicon Graphics® Octane®
  • Silicon Graphics® Octane2TM
  • Silicon Graphics® Onyx2®
  • Silicon Graphics® Onyx4TM UltimateVisionTM
  • Silicon Graphics® TezroTM

Obsolete Peripherals and Software

The following are not supported in IRIX 6.5.27:

  • 3D File Translators
  • 4DDNTM
  • 4DLTTM
  • AppleTalk®
  • Display PostScript/X
  • DynaWeb
  • EISA Sync Serial Card
  • FDDIVisualyzerTM
  • GIO Sync Serial Card
  • GIO Token Ring
  • Hibernator II
  • InPerson®
  • IRIS® 5080 Emulator
  • IRIS AnnotatorTM
  • IRIS Channel Adapter
  • IRISxfr mainframe software
  • IRIXproTM
  • IRIXproTM Proconf
  • Molecular Inventor
  • Netscape® Fasttrack Server
  • Novell NetWareTM client
  • On-Line Registration
  • PeoplePages
  • Propel
  • SNAserver
  • SX.25
  • Tooltalk Dev
  • USL C++ Translator V3.0.1
  • Vigra VME audio board
  • VLAN software 1.0 for IRIX 6.5
  • VME Sync Serial Card
  • VME Token Ring Card