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Choosing a PHYS 4700 Independent Study

This is an independent study course which you design in consultation with a faculty member. Basically, it starts you working in a research group -- that might be an experimental lab (Dr. Zamkov, Sun, Selim), computational program (Dr. Zayak, Fulcher, Xi, Mandell), or with an astronomer (Dr. Layden, Laird, Tiede, Rogel, Dellenbush). At this point, you have some experience with physics topics (types of physics that interest you) and faculty (who might you work well with). You can refine this understanding by reviewing the descriptions of people's research at

Then, visit or email a prof you are interested in working with and ask them if they have a project you can help with, for PHYS 4700 credit. You can choose from 1-3 CH (the # should scale with the size of the project). Finally, visit Sandy in the Dept office to register for the course (you can't do it online; it requires the OK of the prof you will be working with). Sandy will want a short title (like, "Variable Stars in M30") that will appear on your transcript. Put a little though into this, as it may start a conversation between you and a future employer or grad school committee.

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