Chucky's Gnome Page

Chucky the Lawn Gnome lives on the grounds of the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in La Serena, Chile. He's a short (2 feet), portly gentleman in a yellow shirt and bright red hat, though his garb has reportedly faded with the years.



During the early weeks of June 1995, he must have grown a bit tired of standing on Richard Elston's lawn (where he magically appeared some weeks earlier), because every morning, the residents of the CTIO compound noted him, as they trouped off to work (hi ho, hi ho), standing on different parts of the grounds. One day he would be across the street in the Smith's yard; next day he would be sneering sinisterly through the Filhaber's living room window; and once he was even found floating on a piece of Styrofoam in the CTIO pool.

Apparently, though, local visits were not enough to quench Chucky's thirst for adventure. The following photo-essay documents Chucky's excursions on the summit of Cerro Tololo during the later weeks of June 1995. Sadly, though, Chucky's obsession with travel would result in disaster back at the La Serena motel.