2005 May 16

We took the boat to the Cedar Key small boat get-together May 7-8 for her trials. She's not finished yet by any means but is together enough for some tests to make sure everything is on track. Preliminary results in light airs and a couple hours in about 12 knot winds are very encouraging. Stability and sail carrying power are better than expected. She's unexpectedly dry, compared to her larger cousins which have had a tendency to spit spray from the weather chine in a chop (we were glad of that since the cockpit shelter is one of the things that isn't on yet). Speed is good upwind and down; she points well and tacks reliably.

Loaded for travel. The empty boat weighs 130 lbs (well under the car's rated 220 lb roof load) and isn't difficult to load lifting one end at a time, using a temporary roof bar extension. Rig stows in the boat, portable ballast and loose gear low in the car for stability:

Yes it is a little tall but no worse than a small SUV carrying a canoe:

300 miles later. Loaded well aft on the car for aerodynamic stability, there was no major handling difference at highway speed, a little flutter in truck wakes being the worst encountered. Project list: Tonneau cover against rain & to reduce air drag of the open cockpit:

Bow is slid outboard onto the removable extension bar:

Stern is swung out and lowered to the ground. A safety line (hard to see) runs from forward roof rack to stern of boat to keep from sliding aft. With the flat bottom of the transom stable on the ground beside the car, the bow can be swung out and lowered down:

Headed for the beach on outlying Atsena Otie Key in light variable wind. A gorgeous day (photo courtesy of Glen Maxwell):

Paddle-sailing past some of the other boats gathered for the weekend. Eventually I'll rig up a Yuloh (sculling oar), but the paddle does pretty well (photo courtesy of Glen Maxwell):

Working up the narrow pass through the middle of Atsena Otie:

Waiting for a breeze. In due time I'll paint the bottom, and the waterline will be up where it belongs. I held off in case changes were needed to chine runners, but all is well and glassing, fairing & painting can go forward:

On the beach for a stroll ashore to look at the fleet. Big cousin Paradox behind is Glen Maxwell's beautifully finished Zoe: