Installing JDK Documentation

Where to unpack your documentation
If you have already installed JDK 1.1.2, you must unpack the documentation file in the parent directory of the jdk1.1.2 directory.

You can install the documentation without first having installed JDK 1.1.2. However, if you install the JDK after installing the documentation, you must unpack the JDK download file in the same directory level from which you unpack the documentation file.

Unpacking your documentation
Before unpacking, make sure the documentation file is in the same directory from which you unpacked the JDK software file. Unpack the documentation using the appropriate utility: unzip, gunzip, pkunzip, uncompress, tar, or winzip. Your utility must support long file names.

For .zip files:
% unzip

For .tar.gz files:
% gunzip jdk112doc.tar.gz
% tar xvf jdk112doc.tar

For .tar.Z files:
% uncompress jdk112doc.tar.Z
% tar xvf jdk112doc.tar

Unpacking the documentation bundle creates a jdk1.1.2/docs/ directory containing your JDK documents.

JDK directory tree
Installing the JDK software and documentation creates the following directory structure:

   |      |         |      |      |   |     |     |    |    |      |
README CHANGES COPYRIGHT LICENSE bin lib include demo src docs index.html
                              |       |        |       |         |
                             api  tooldocs relnotes  guide   index.html
                              |       |        |       |

If you don't unpack the documentation in the proper directories, the HTML links from docs/index.html to the README, CHANGES, COPYRIGHT, LICENSE, and demo files will be broken.

The src directory shown above originally appears as a file in the Solaris installation. You must manually unzip if you want to access the Java source files.

A good place to start browsing your JDK documentation is from the index.html file in the docs directory.

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