Use this task to control the level of security on your system.
Improve System Security

These tasks allow you to view, add and remove User Accounts as well as to set User Account passwords.
User Manager
Related tasks:
Add a User Account
Remove a User Account
Modify a User Account
Modify Any Account Password
Modify Your Account Password

These tasks allow you to configure the login procedure and login window.
Configure Auto Login
Configure Login Window

This manager allows you to set the ownership of and access to your files.
Permissions Manager

These tasks allow you to decide which files and devices are available to remote users.
Shared Resource Manager
Related tasks:
Start Sharing a Directory
Stop Sharing a Directory
Start Sharing Removable Media Devices
Stop Sharing Removable Media Devices
Start Sharing Printers
Stop Sharing Printers

These tasks allow you to control system administration privileges, which when granted to non-root users allow those users to perform system administration tasks.
Privilege Manager
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Grant Privileges to a User
Revoke Privileges from a User
Enable Use of Granted Privileges
Disable Use of Granted Privileges