SWCalculator. Doppler S and W parameters software.

The app calculates S and W parameters from the Doppler-broadened 511 peak of ionizing radiation.

SWCalculator might be quite useful for those physicists who work with positron spectroscopy. Main app features are:

  • Supports a variety of different formats of input data files.
  • Fit the 511 peak with four gaussian functions and subtract atan() background.
  • Calculate S and W parameters for a series of spectra.
  • Export data points, fit and chi^2 to a .CSV file.
  • Save raster fit images.
Screenshot of the SWCalculator app

Download SW Calculator on GitHub

The app is cross-platform, developed using CERN ROOT framework. GUI is based on the Xclass'95 widget library. You can download this software from the GitHub repository - download button above. As well as the source code - you can find precompiled binaries for MacOS, Ubuntu and Windows.

Shout us a word at faselim@bgsu.edu. We'd love to hear any recommendations to make the software better.

Acknowledgments. Petr Stepanov honors special thanks to Dmitry Zvezhinsky – his scientific advisor in the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics.