TLIST Processor. Two-dimentional energy spectrum processor.

Doppler broadening of annihilation radiation is a powerful method for studying point defects in materials. At SelimLab we have a fully digital spectrometer that utilizes Canberra’s Ge high purity detectors and LYNX digital signal analyzers. Facility outputs two-dimentional spectra that represent pairs of photon energy events, registered simultaneously.

We developed a special software that processes 2D energy spectrum and outputs 1D doppler-broadened spectrum. Sharing is caring. Enjoy!

  • Supports the file format output by Canberra’s TLIST Data Scanner app.
  • Fits and subtracts the background sleeves related to three-gamma annihilation events.
  • The good old method of filtering the events on the diagonal is implemented.
  • Exports doppler-broadened E1-E2 spectrum.
  • Saves raster graphic images.
Screenshot of the TLIST Processor app

Download TLIST Processor on GitHub

The app is cross-platform, built with CERN ROOT framework. GUI is based on the Xclass'95 widget library. Grab the source code or run precompiled binaries for MacOS, Ubuntu and Windows.

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Acknowledgments. Petr Stepanov honors special thanks to Dmitry Zvezhinsky – his scientific advisor in the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics.