BGSU Physics & Astronomy

PHYS 2020/2120 Laboratory

Introduction to 2020/2120

Expt. 0  Oscillator Review
Expt. 1  Standing Waves on a String
Expt. 2  Properties of Sound
Expt. 3  The Velocity of Sound in Air
Expt. 4  Electric Fields and Electric Potential
Expt. 5  Electrical Measurements with Direct Current
Expt. 6  Voltage-Current Characteristics
Expt. 7  Introduction to the Oscilloscope
Expt. 8  The Resistive-Capacitive Circuit
Expt. 9  Electromagnetic Oscillations
Expt. 10  The Magnetic Field
Expt. 11  The Charge-to-Mass Ratio of the Electron
Expt. 12  Reflection and Refraction of Light
Expt. 13  The Converging Lens
Expt. 14  Interference of Light and the Grating
Expt. 15  Single-Slit Diffraction and Babinet's Principle
Expt. 16  Atomic Spectra
Expt. 17  Effects of Thickness & Distance on Intensity of Radiation