Experiment 9


1.  From your measurements in procedures 2 through 4, determine C and L by using the measured value of the time constant τ in each case. (Do not forget the resistance in the inductor). Enter the results in cells E55 and E57.

2.  Using the values of L and C obtained above, calculate the resonant frequency of the LCR circuit using

Enter the result in cell E59, and compare it with the observed frequency of the LC oscillations already recorded in cell E29.

3.  Plot VR (y-axis) vs. f (x-axis) for Procedure step 9. From the graph, determine the best value of the resonant frequency and enter the result in cell E61.

4.  Compare the resonant frequency with that calculated from L and C and with the observed LC oscillation frequency. Compute the percentage difference and enter in cell E63.

5.  Answer Question 1 on the Worksheet and turn in as part of your report.