Experiment 6


1.  Plot the results of Procedure steps 4, 5, and 6 using a separate sheet of graph paper, or with the Excel Chart Maker for each circuit element on Sheet 2 of the Worksheet. Plot current as the independent (horizontal) variable and voltage as the dependent (vertical) variable. Place the origin at the center of the paper to allow for both positive and negative voltages and currents.

2.  From the graph for Procedure step 4 find the slope of the best straight line through the data and determine the resistance, and enter the value in cell C80.

3.  From the data for Procedure step 5 determine the resistance R of the light bulb at five different voltage values by taking the ratio V/I. Enter the values in the table at cells C84:C88.

4.  From the data for Procedure step 6 calculate the resistance R at several positive and negative currents. Enter the values in the table at cells C93:C101.

5.  Discuss the significance of the results of Procedure step 7, commenting on the agreement or lack thereof between the results of this procedure and the resistances computed in Analysis steps 2, 3, and 4.