Experiment 15


1.  Open the Worksheet and complete the header information. While you are doing this, light the Bunsen burner and boil some water in metal container--you will only need about 3 cupsful.

2.  Make sure that there are two temperature probes, connected to the CH 1 and the CH 2 ports on the DataLogger interface. The probes themselves are long brass cylinders with wire connections. Open the Temperature link. In the Connect dialog box, hit the CONNECT button for both CH 1 and CH 2. You should see an empty graph displayed. Make sure that the x (horizontal) axis is set to go from 0 to 500 seconds. If not, click on the largest scale number and type in 500 there.

3.  First, you need to CALIBRATE the two probes. The two fixed points will be room temperature and the temperature of hot water. Suspend the first (uncovered) probe on the stand.

4.  Fill the cup with boiling water. Hit the Collect button on the empty plot and then place both probes in the hot water by raising the cup from underneath and placing the support under it. Watch the plot as the temperature increases.

5.  After about 100 seconds, both temperatures will have leveled off and may even have begun to decrease somewhat. Immediately remove the cup and carefully dispose of the water. Watch as the temperature is plotted over the 500 second time span.

6.  When the plot is completed, under FILE....Print Options, type in yours and your partner's names. Under FILE...Page Setup, make sure that the long side is horizontal. Next print it out by using FILE....Print Graph. You will turn in this graph at the end of the lab with the Worksheet.