Tentative talk schedule for MWR6.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the schedule, please write to Comer Duncan at gcd@chandra.bgsu.edu.
Meeting location: Room 101-B Olscamp Hall [on Ridge Street] on the Bowling Green State University campus
Friday, November 1

Friday November 1, 1996

8:00 - 9:00 a.m. registration outside Room 101-B Olscamp Hall, including continental breakfast.

Session I  (chair Beverly Berger)

9:00 - 9:15 : Welcome and information

9:15  Beverly Berger:	"Numerical Evidence for the Nature of the Singularity 
		         in U(1) Symmetric Cosmologies"	

9:30 David Garfinkle: 	"Symplectic evolution of mixmaster spacetimes"

9:45 Jorge Pullin: 	"Colliding Black Holes: going far with the close

10:00 Eric Poisson: 	"Measuring black-hole parameters and testing general
			 relativity using gravitational-wave data from 
			 space-based interferometers"

10:15 Serge Droz:	"Numerical investigation of black hole interiors"

*** Break 10:30 - 11:00 ***

11:00 Keith Lockitch: 	"Vacuum Handles and the Cosmic Censor Conjecture"

11:15 Comer Duncan:	"A Hyperbolic Solver for Vacuum Axisymmetric 
			 Spacetimes: the method and weak wave tests"

11:30 Mark Miller:	"Consistency and Stability of the Regge Calculus as 
			 a Tool in Numerical Relativity"

11:45 Mark Beilby: 	"Prediction of Test Mass Thermal Noise by Measurement 
			 of the Anelastic Aftereffect"

*** Lunch Break - 1:30 p.m. ***


Session II  (chair David Garfinkle)

1:30 Leonard Parker:	"Information, Scaling, and 2D Black Holes"

1:45 Louis Witten:	"2-d Naked Singularities"

2:00 Ivan Booth:	"Cosmological Production of Charged and Rotating
			 Black Hole Pairs"

2:15 James Geddes: 	"Measures on the Space of Paths in Schroedinger Quantum 

2:30 Hong Liu:		"Quantum hair, Instantons, and black hole 

2:45 Robert Mann:	"Pair Production of Topological Anti de Sitter 
			 Black Holes"

*** Break 3:00 - 3:30 ***

3:30 Michael Pfenning:	"Quantum Inequalities in Static Curved Spacetimes"

3:45 Matt Visser:	"Gravitational vacuum polarization: Energy conditions 
			 at order hbar"

4:00 Ulrich Gerlach:	"Paired Accelerated Frames, Diffractive Scattering, and
			 Achronal Spin"

4:15 Rhett Herman:	"The DeWitt-Schwinger Approximation for the 
			 Stress-Energy Tensor for a Complex Scalar Field in 
			 Curved Space"

4:30 Jean Krisch:	"String Fluid Stress Energy"

4:45 Andrew de Laix:	"Gravitational Lensing Signature of Long 
			 Cosmic Strings"

5:00 Steve Leonard:	"Waves and Tails"


Saturday November 2, 1996

Session III  (chair Jean Krisch)

9:00 Robert Wald:	"Distortions in Our View of the Universe Due to 
			 Galactic and Smaller Scale Gravitational 
			 Lensing - Part I"

9:15 Daniel Holz:	"Distortions in Our View of the Universe Due to
			 Galactic and Smaller Scale Gravitational
			 Lensing - Part II"

9:30 Theodore Quinn: 	"An axiomatic approach to electromagnetic and
			 gravitational radiation reaction"

9:45 Shyan-Ming Perng:	TBA

10:00 Philip Hughes:	"Relativistic Extragalactic Jet Simulations: A Probe
			 of Supermassive Black Holes"

10:15 Grant Mathews:	"Instabilities in Close Neutron Star Binaries"

*** Break 10:30 - 10:45 ***

10:45 Edward Glass:	"To the Bondi Mass from Taub Numbers"

11:00 Jim Chan:		"Radiative Falloff in Non-Asymptotically Flat 

11:15 Juan Perez-Mercader "Self-Organized Criticality in the Universe"

11:30 Howard Burton:	"Palatini Formalism for Dilaton Gravity"

11:45 Kevin Chan:	"Modification of the spinning BTZ black hole by 
			 a dilaton"

12:00 Masafumi Seriu:	"The Spectral Distance between the Universes with 
			 Different Topologies"

12:15 Richard Hammond:	"Gravitation and Torsion"

*** Lunch Break - 1:30 ***

Session IV (chair Ed Glass)

1:30 Harry Ringermacher: "Einstein Equations with Electrodynamic Torsion"

1:45 Ken Seto:		"Special Relativity Alternative"

2:00 Edward Schaefer:	"A means of eliminating black holes from 
			 relativity theory"

Saturday, November 2

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