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Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS Basics

Frequently Asked Questions About GIS

Guided Studies of GIS

  • NCGIA CORE Curriculum for GIS:
    A text based, comprehensive guide to GIS from The National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA). The lesson is divided in to 75 short sections.

  • Getting to Know Desktop GIS:
    A six chapter study of the Desktop GIS from ESRI. This study presents the concepts upon which GIS technology is based, how it works, and what it does. The lesson uses features ArcView as the software tool and also presents an example application using ArcView desktop GIS

  • On-line Tutorial: GIS Application Development Using ArcView 1.0
    In this tutorial you will develop a simple application using ArcView 1.0 desktop GIS (freely available from ESRI) to solve a common business problem. You can also download the ArcView 1.0 software, and the tutorial datasets from this site.

  • On-line Tutorial Application Using ARC/INFO GIS:
    This is an introductory course in Arc/Info. This study is a simple tutorial on using the Arc/Info software to develop a GIS application. You can browse the tutorial as a lesson or download the files and work through the analysis in Arc/Info yourself.

  • The GIS Glossary:
    This is a glossary of GIS terms associated with ESRI's GIS software, and GIS in general.

  • On-line Dictionary of GIS Terms:
    The dictionary includes definitions for 980 terms compiled from a variety of sources which either relate directly to GIS or which GIS users may come across in the course of their work. The dictionary is also supplemented by 52 diagrams.

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