Managed Services

SGI® Managed Services include a broad range of product-focused services to maximize system performance and accelerate productivity. Each service is delivered by an experienced SGI engineer. A wide range of pre-defined, fixed-price solutions are currently available within the following categories:

  • Deployment Services - hardware installation or upgrade, system relocation, and multi-system deployment and integration.

  • Implementation Services - power protection solution, system software installation, configuration, documentation, and knowledge transfer. Services include:

    • IRIX System Implementation
    • IRIX Upgrade Implementation
    • SGI Network and Interoperability Implementation
    • SAN and CXFS Implementation
    • Data Storage Implementation
    • FailSafe Implementation
    • UPSafe Power Protection Solution Implementation
    • Kasenna MediaBase Implementation
    • SGI Media Server for Broadcast Implementation
    • System Disk Upgrade Implementation
    • SGI Implementation of Legato Networker

  • System Management - augment your staff and in-house expertise with an on-site or remote SGI system administrator. Service engagements range from one day to a certain number of days per week for the entire year, all the way up to full-time, five-day-a-week administration.

    • IRIX On-site System Administration
    • IRIX Remote System Administration
    • Linux On-site System Administration
    • Linux System Tuning
    • Performance Monitoring Service

Managed Services may customize the above services according to your requirements and needs. Please contact your local SGI sales office or visit for additional information.