Ghostscript and GSview Ghostscript is the new Postscript render engine bundled with IRIX. GSview is a viewer for viewing PhostScript and the Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) files. The icon is on the Applications page of the Icon Catalog.
XPDF PDF Viewer XPDF PDF Viewer is your window into the world of documents digitally published in the Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF). Sharing information using PDF is a welcome solution for publishing information in a heterogeneous networked computing environment, such as the World Wide Web. PDF allows documents to be presented in their original form, retaining the font, color, graphic, and page layout information as the author intended. The icon is on the Applications page of the Icon Catalog.
Desktop MediaTools Capture your ideas in any medium. Desktop MediaTools give you the option to choose the most effective way to capture and communicate an idea. The Media Tools support creation and editing of standard file format sounds, movies, images and 3D objects. Once you have captured your ideas, the IRIX Interactive Desktop supports you in sharing information with your colleagues in the most effective way. All of these tools are on the Media Tools page of the Icon Catalog.
ImageVision(TM) Tools

ImageVision Tools are a set of image generation and manipulation utilities, including:

  • Tools for viewing, altering, and enhancing images
  • A tool for converting image files to other formats
  • A tool for reading information about the image from the file
  • A tool for enumerating the supported file formats
  • A very flexible command line tool for doing batch or interactive image processing sessions
You can find icons for these tools on the Media Tools page of the Icon Catalog.

Impressario(TM)is an enhanced printing and scanning environment for SGI workstations. Impressario consists of several products:

  • Impressario(TM) Base: File conversion tools, fonts, and other printing utilities for print servers
  • Impressario (TM) Developer's Kit: Tools for developing Impressario (TM) compliant printer and scanner drivers
  • Impressario (TM) Print Server: Drivers for selected printers that have built-in PostScript
  • Impressario (TM) Scanner Software: Drivers for HP ScanJets, Ricoh FS2, and Sharp JX scanners
Impressario(TM) scanning tools allow you to easily capture images from a scanner, file, or monitor. The Scanner Manager tool provides a simple interface for installing and configuring scanners. Scanner
Impressario(TM) Printer Drivers support the IRIX Desktop architecture, allowing you to use the IRIX Printer Manager to configure and manage Impressario printers. Selected printers are supported: Apple® LaserWriter, and Lexmark Optra. There are a number of unsupported PPD files shipped with Impressario as well. Printer
InfoSearch Search all documentation formats. InfoSearch allows users to search and browse virtually all SGI documentation from a single Web interface: online books, help cards, man pages, and release notes. You can launch InfoSearch from the Help menu on the Toolchest. TechPubs
Fulltext Indexing and Search Environment sgsearch is a fulltext indexing toolkit. The sgsearch tools are used to build searchable fulltext indices from HTML documents. At this time, sgsearch is relied on to build the search indices for the InfoSearch product. It is not a typical "end-user" product.
IRIS InSight(TM)

IRIS InSight(TM) includes Viewer and SGIHelp viewer.IRIS InSight(TM) Viewer lets you easily search, browse, view, and print SGI's available online books. Launch InSight by selecting Help > Online Books from the Toolchest. Many desktop applications rely on this product for the SGIHelp viewer.

NEdit NEdit is a standard graphical user interface (GUI) text editor for programs and plain text files. If you've used Macintosh® and Microsoft® Windows® based text editors, you'll find NEdit a familiar and comfortable environment. It offers mouse-based editing and a streamlined editing style for users of X workstations and X terminals, and boasts many useful features such as unlimited undo, keystroke efficiency, built-in editing functions and the ability to use programmable macros. If you are a programmer, NEdit's programmer-friendly features will be of help. They include parantheses matching, auto-indent, syntax highlighting with built-in patterns for several languages, and the ability to run NEdit in client/server mode for integration with software development tools. Nedit

Discuss interactively regardless of location. SGIMeeting is a new standards-based data conferencing tool that interoperates with Microsoft NetMeeting, SunForum, or any other T.120 compliant tool. SGIMeeting's features include application sharing, including support for OpenGL® applications, a 2D whiteboard for real-time data saring, and annotating, file transfer, chat, a shared clipboard and support for 24-bit color. It is available on the Applications CD and also will be available for free as a Web download.

SGIMeeting now also includes the SGIMeeting Extensions Whiteboard Tools. SGIMeeting Extensions offer five additional whiteboard tools as "plug-ins" that appear on the whiteboard tool palette.

Included is:

  • A screen capture tool for dynamic or still whiteboard input
  • A video capture tool for dynamic or still whiteboard input
  • Customizable arrows and dimension markers for easy discussion pointing
  • A symbol palette for drag and drop images
  • SmartClear for clearing annotations when captured images update
Teleffect Teleffect is a 3rd party product from ElectricArc. Teleffect is a desktop service that allows multiple computers, IRIX or NT, to share a common keyboard and mouse while having separate monitors. Users can configure the screens so that as the mouse travels off one side of one screen it hops onto the other screen and now controls the other system. The tool for configuring Teleffect can be found on the Interoperability Application Catalog page. Teleffect