Bundled Third Party Applications Support

Some Silicon Graphics product bundles contain software produced by other companies. Often, these companies provide direct end-user support for their products. If the product you have purchased contains the software listed below, please pay special attention to the details on this page when you need support.

Appletalk from Xinet

The AppleTalk and AppleShare connectivity solutions included with your System are products of Xinet. Support for these products is available by contacting Xinet.

Phone: 510.845.0555,
E-mail: help@xinet.com or sales@xinet.com
or visit the Xinet website.

You can purchase upgrades from Xinet which will allow you to access your system from more than one Macintosh at a time, and to print to multiple printers. This functionality can be added with a simple license, the software is already loaded!

Xinet can also provide FullPress(tm), their state of the art software that will allow your system to become a file, print, and OPI server for prepress workgroups. For information, contact Xinet.

ESP PrintPro from Easy Software Products

The Easy Software ESP PrintPro with 33 printer driver packages is included on the Complementary Apps CD and are products of Easy Software. Licenses and support for these products is available by contacting Easy Software.

Phone: 301.373.9600,
E-mail: print@easysw.com
or visit the Easy Software website.

For more information on SGI support modes, see Supportfolio Online.

For more information on other services available in your area, contact your Silicon Graphics sales representative. For more information on SGI's Support & Service visit our website or contact 1-800-800-4SGI.