Using the Base Documentation CD

About This CD

For customers with new systems that shipped with this release, new and updated documentation can be viewed offline using the IRIX 6.5 Base Documentation CD.

The IRIX 6.5 Base Documentation CD allows you to access standard release notes, online books, and man pages before you install the system software. You view the documentation directly from the CD; you do not use this CD to install documentation. No license is required to use the tools provided on the CD. (Documentation is installed, by default, with software CDs. To find out about accessing installed documentation see General Documentation.)

The IRIX 6.5 Base Documentation CD is not shipped with the IRIX 6.5.x Update Kits. Corresponding book documentation, release note, and man page information can be viewed by customers who have purchased SGI systems through the web on Supportfolio Online at site.

Note: There is a duplicate copy of Start Here on the Base Documentation CD.

Tip: This CD is an ISO9660 standard CD, which means that it can be used in most CD-ROM drives. This allows your IRIX-based system to mount the CD from a variety of remote CD-ROM drives (as long as they are connected to operating systems that support exporting ISO9660 filesystems).

How to Use This CD

  1. Login and insert the Base Documentation CD into your CD-ROM drive.

  2. Open a shell:
    From the Toolchest, choose Desktop > Open Unix Shell.

  3. Go to the CDROM directory:

    Use the cd command:
    % cd /CDROM

    Inside of the directory are the six different CD scripts, which you can see listed with the ls command:
    % ls
    CDgrelnotes   CDinsight CDrelnotes
    CDinfosearch  CDman     CDsgihelp

  4. Use the CD scripts to access the documentation on the CD. To run any of the scripts, in a UNIX shell, enter ./ followed by the script name.

    For example:
    % ./CDgrelnotes

    What follows are descriptions of what each of the scripts do:

    • ./CDgrelnotes - launches [g]relnotes, which you can use to view Release Notes. You can specify the product name in the command. For example, to view the release notes for Netscape you would enter: ./CDgrelnotes netscape

    • ./CDman - displays man pages when used like the man command. For example, to see the man page on inst, enter ./CDman inst

    • ./CDinsight - launches the online book viewer, InSight. Displays the online book library on the CD. Note: If you are running IRIX 6.2 on your workstation, you must have version 3.0 of InSight or higher in order for this to work.

    • ./CDsgihelp - displays instructions for making sgihelp work with the content on the CD. (Involves setting a couple of X-resources in a local .Xdefaults file.)

    • ./CDinfosearch - displays instructions for making Infosearch work with the content on the CD. (Involves editing some configuration files.) InfoSearch is used for searching and viewing all online books, release notes, and man pages. You must already be running 6.5 for CDinfosearch to work with the content of this CD.