Simplified Chinese Page

Simplified Chinese

We provide language and cultural support for two encodings of Chinese, a simplified encoding for the Chinese mainland and a traditional encoding for Taiwan. The large number of characters in the Chinese language makes it impossible to arrange them on a keyboard. Therefore, an input method, called the input server, is used to make sequences of keyboard events that correspond to each Chinese character. The input server for WorldView(TM) Chinese is called xwnmo(1). It translates your input of phonetic symbols into the equivalent character or characters and provides a list of choices when there is any ambiguity.


To customize your system to recognize certain conventions, such as date and time formats, currency format, and sorting order, as well as to display information and accept input in Chinese, please follow the steps below.




Your system has one of several possible keyboards. Although ipanel provides you with a default keyboard configuration, you should either confirm the default or select a different configuration.


When you have made all your selections:


To print a Chinese language text file to a PostScript compatible printer, use the following command:

% lpgb textfile | lp

where textfile is the name of your file. The lpgb program converts Chinese text to PostScript format. You can print directly from ieditor if your printer supports Chinese characters. If a printer that supports Chinese characters is not available, you may save the document as a text file in ieditor or Showcase before printing it with the lpgb command.