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We provide language and cultural support for Middle Eastern, North African, and Egyptian versions of Arabic. WorldView(TM) Arabic, developed by LangBox International, is composed of two main subpackages: ALM.TTY and ALM.GUI.



To customize your system to recognize conventions such as left-to-right and right-to-left writing directions, context analysis, dual keyboard mapping, numeral shaping, date and time formats, currency format, and sorting order, as well as to display information and accept input in Arabic, please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that WorldView(TM) Arabic is installed on your workstation.
  2. From the Toolchest, select Desktop Customize Language and highlight your preferences.
  3. Choose the variety of Arabic you prefer (Middle Eastern, North African, or Egyptian) as your language from the left column; choose the type of keyboard from the right column.
  4. Click on Apply. An input mode indicator will be displayed in the lower left corner of the input window.
  5. Log out and then log in again so that these modifications can take effect.

Once you have performed these steps, WorldView(TM) Arabic will display information and accept input in Arabic whenever you log on to your system.


To print an Arabic text file to a PostScript compatible printer, use the following command:

% ilptops textfile | lp

where textfile is the name of your file. The ilptops program converts Arabic text to PostScript format. You can print directly from ieditor or Showcase if your printer supports Arabic characters. If a printer that supports Arabic characters is not available, you may save the document as a text file in ieditor or showcase before printing it with the ilptops command.


System-wide default resource files are located in:

Default scheme files are located in /usr/lib/X11/ar_AR./schemes{get correct path}.

If you want to modify your resource definitions, we recommend that you modify the $HOME/.Xdefaults file.

Development Package

A WorldView(TM) Arabic Development Package is also available for application developers who want to address Arabic language market needs in greater detail. For further information, please contact:

LangBox International
(A Gulf Computers, Inc. Subsidary)
Immeuble Space, Bat. B
208/212, Route de Grenoble
06200 Nice, France
Tel: (33) 93 71 14 10
Fax: (33) 93 71 15 60


European & Middle East Distribution Territory
Grand Atrium, Chemin des Avouillons 30
1196 Gland, Switzerland
Tel.: (41) 22 9999600
Fax.: (41) 22 9999601