Maria Kirsanova


I will be happy to take the following job opportunities:

  • Process engineer in project management and engineering for the energy and chemical industry;
  • Professor of Chemistry and/or Physics at college or university level (instructional, no research);
  • Editor and reviewer for academic publications;
  • Web designer (freelance only);
  • English-Russian translator.

I am open for relocation and will travel with my spouse (hire him).

PostDoc. Chemistry (2013)
- University of Wyoming, USA

M.S. Physics (2012)
- Bowling Green State University, USA

Ph.D. Chemistry (2011)
- Bowling Green State University, USA

M.S. Chemical Engineering (2007)
- Saint-Petersburg State Technical University, Russia


Email:, in English, Russian or French.

My way to success is...

to seek professional knowledge...

and master the skills.

2007 - 2012:

Ph.D. in Chemistry and M.S. in Physics
Center for Photochemical Sciences
Bowling Green State University, USA
Advisor: Mikhail Zamkov; GPA: 3.72 (out of 4.0)

2007 - 2012:

Teaching and Research Assistant
Bowling Green State University, USA

During her graduate studies, Maria took the opportunity to instruct undergraduate physics and chemistry laboratories to 60 students per semester and won an Outstanding Teaching Assistant award at her very first year of teaching.

As an engineer, Maria selected Nanotechnology Engineering Laboratory for her interdisciplinary (chemistry/physics) graduate research, where she conducted experiments in materials science, solid state physics, thin-film optics, nanooptics, and photochemistry. Member of the American Chemical Society, she published 8 articles, 5 of which are in the ACS journals.

For the sake of research organization and safety, Maria created a new website for the research group (, made video tutorials for lab newcomers, compiled project folders with synthesis protocols and classified experimental data, handled chemicals storage and hazards utilization in the lab.

Inspired by the professional knowledge of her advisor and seeking graduate physics background for her interdisciplinary research, Maria complimented her Ph.D. studies in Chemistry with second M.S. degree in Physics.

2005 - 2007:

M.S. in Chemial Process Engineering
Department of Organic Synthesis
Saint Petersburg State Technical University, Russia
Advisor: Grigoriy Koldobskiy; GPA: 4.72 (out of 5.0)

Mar - Jul 2007:

Process Engineer
Technip, Russia

Just as she graduated, Maria was recommended for a position of process engineer at Technip, a world leader in project management and engineering for the energy industry. She worked in a group of experienced engineers and used every opportunity to learn from them.

Maria prepared PIDs (piping and instrumentation diagrams) and PFDs (process flow diagrams) in AutoCAD, compiled explanatory notes for gas and oil plant construction projects, calculated pollutant emissions, and made simulations for "physical explosion."

Working at an international company, she mastered her skills in English, which later made smoothier her transition to the United States for doctoral studies.

2001 - 2005:

B.S. in Organic Chemistry
Department of Organic Synthesis
Saint Petersburg State Technical University, Russia

Jun - Jul 2005:

Chemist Analyst
Farmacon, Russia

As soon as she finished B.S. studies, Maria took a summer job at a chemical factory, where she inspected pharmaceutical products and intermediates by means of chemical analysis (gravimetric, potentiometric, colorimetric, and titration).

Working at a factory, she familiarized herself with industrial pharmaceutical production and gained an insight into process flowsheets and hardware implementation of chemical synthesis. And a year later, for her M.S. thesis, Maria proposed a renovation project for one of the production lines at the factory.